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Boutique Apartments Is The New Black!

Nearly a year ago, the whole world suddenly had to embrace a new normal-work from home. We quickly realized the importance of a quality home environment. A property offering an impersonal pool and a swanky gym, will not cut it anymore. Nowadays people are looking to join a community, put down roots, and live holistically. There is an emphasis on character and quality of life! Just like boutique hotels tend to make the whole stay an exceptionally extraordinary one, apartments need to be niche. While things are certainly opening up, a dreamy getaway may still be a part of the distant future. However, properties today can be transformed to reflect the best slices of a vacation! Let’s take a look at how.

#1 Valued Experience

Boutique hotels are all about the experience. Guests are captured from the moment they walk in the doors of the hotel. Boutique hotel models provide great intangible delights and that extra bit of oomph! These need to hold for the modern-day apartments. Instead of cookie-cutter standards, the offer must be a novel one, one that is exclusive and enriching. The trick is to whip up a warm aura, caress the senses with beautiful surroundings and distinct experiences!

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#2 Details and Delights

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Thanks to great design in a boutique hotel, the key attributes are its uniqueness and emotional impact. They can be quaint and stylish, while sometimes located in converted buildings with history. Modern apartments can mimic this through efficient and tailored interiors. Exciting and high-impact designs are imperative to creating lasting impressions.

Boutique hotels beautifully execute this through niche furniture and décor pieces. Properties must implement elegance into the interiors that not only satisfy the household functions but also mirror the occupant’s personality.

At Inova, we focus on progressively contemporary style that seamlessly blends the homey feel and a modern touch. Our modernized murphy beds are perfect for space-conscious apartments, transforming effortlessly from one function to another, all the while staying chic! You can make the most of the room without cluttering it. A combination of modish furniture pieces like ours is a sure shot way to stand out.

#3 Individuality and Personalization


Highly personalized service is a mark of boutique hotels. They unfold the best features of boutiques – small, intimate, and fresh. The furniture offered at Inova does just that! Be it the Sofa-WallBed or TableBed, we have revolutionized design for maximum utility and uncompromised style and comfort! Providing adapted amenities such as themed decor, integrated technology, and custom fixtures can feel instantly intimate and cozy to the residents. Exceptional care, insight, and attention to detail are the names of the game!

#4 Social Spaces

Social gatherings are commonplace in boutique hotels, where lobbies are not just for formal functions but also for the guests to interact, with plenty of activities offered. Bringing this into apartment properties can put the residents at ease and boost better relationships and mental health. Connecting and building relationships is paramount. It all boils down to quality and care. Community gardens and even farms where the residents can tend to their small, individual “plots” and grow their veggies and herbs, is a growing trend. Similarly, movie screening media-rooms, music or art studios, a well-rounded fitness center, and even shared dinner spaces are ways to carve out a brand identity while proposing an immersive experience.


When travel resumes, boutique hotels will once again flourish thanks to their stimulating experiences. Offering similar flair and signature experiences for renters in multifamily apartments is the road to better living and happy residents. Delivering stellar amenities, brilliant service, and incredible moments that nourish the soul, nurture the spirit, and outshine the common, is fast becoming the new residential reality. Genuine hospitality, and a bespoke lifestyle, will draw in the residents and keep them committed for the long haul. After all, exclusivity is a unique brand of luxury!

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