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Inova WallBeds provide an innovative, space-saving solution for residential and commercial buildings, as these fixtures combine style and functionality with ease. These versatile wall beds maximize your space usage by conveniently folding up when not in use, offering ample room for daily activities.

Inova WallBeds offer the combined luxury of a wide, open space during the day and an uncompromisingly comfortable bed at night. Our cabinets open with an easy pull and transform into a fold-up wall bed in seconds. They are light to the touch and will hover safely if let go of midway while lowering the bed.

  • Requires attachment to the wall only at the top of the cabinet with small brackets
  • No attachment to the floor needed
  • Passes reliability testing of 15,000 bed raising and lowering cycles
  • Accommodates 12.5” thick standard pillowtop mattress
  • Various finish and style options available

Designed with durability and style in mind, Inova’s unique fold-up wall beds cater to the needs of contemporary living spaces. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your space; choose Inova WallBeds to create a multi-functional room that suits your lifestyle.

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  • Base Models
  • 5 Pre-Selected Laminated Colors
  • 3 Pre-Selected Fabric Series
  • 3 Pull Styles
  • Base Models + Styling Options
  • Tier 1 & Tier II Laminate Colors
  • Grades  1- IV Fabric Series and COM
  • 6 Pull Styles
  • Base Models + Styling Options + Customizations
  • Laminate, Stained Wood Veneer, and Paint Finishes
  • All Fabrics and COM
  • 6 Pull Styles and Custom
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