Innovative Design Ideas For An Apartment Space

Renting is on the rise, with fewer people buying permanent housing and more looking for temporary housing they can use until they’re ready to buy- there’s an opening in the market for those who want to rent out space. Renting out rooms, whether it’s a spare room in your home or a multifamily residence, can be a fantastic addition to any income.

People don’t want to rent just any space, though. Most want rooms that look good, feel comfortable in and get the most use out of the area they’re in. These are the most innovative design ideas anyone could use for an apartment space to get the most out of it.

Fit More Beds In Spaces for Renters

Whether you’re converting a room into a nightly rental for Airbnb, or you want to offer furnished studio apartments to get monthly income: it’s a good idea to try and fit as many rooms and beds as possible. Unfortunately, not every space allows for this. Instead of struggling with having a bed visibly in the middle of a studio apartment where someone would also cook and eat: there are better ways to fit furniture into the rooms.

 Items that can convert into other pieces while still being a bed are the most useful for this. Murphy beds are the most classic route. These beds fold down into a bed when needed but spend most of the day vertical in a closet or built into the wall itself. The nice thing about these beds is that they can be almost any width, as long as there’s wall space and other furniture can be displaced.

TableBeds are also a great option. The name for these should make what they do obvious, but these beds are styled in a couple of different ways. One is similar to the Murphy bed, where the mattress gets folded up into the wall, and a flat surface folds out to become the table- while the other option includes a board of some sort that is laid out on top of the mattress, allowing for a sizeable table-like space. The better option is the Murphy bed style since it’s harder to tell there was a bed there at all.

Inova TablBed


Inova’s Multifunctional Murphy Bed with Desk

Allow for Spaces To Still Be Visually Appealing While Convertible

The most important thing about these beds is that when they’ve been folded away, it should be hard to tell that there was ever a bed there in the first place. With convertible couch-beds, this can be easier since it becomes another piece of furniture, but it all depends on your taste. 

 Creating beautiful spaces to look at, regardless of where the bed is or what layout the room is currently in, should be a top desire. Think about a room that stretches out with beautiful bamboo veneer, with sleek and modern accents. The bed may look like a pretty cabinet or hutch during the day, and the rest of the apartment looks like a nice place to study or work. The visual appeal helps sell the room.


Ensure Spaces Are Safe For Renters

An unsafe rental unit could land you in a lot of hot water.  This means any rented space should be outfitted with things that make it safer and more comfortable.  An innovative way to go about it is to work to create beautiful utility out of these spaces. For example, a modern black handrail can double as aesthetically pleasing while also ensuring the area is safe, and those that live there can go up and down the stairs without any worries.


Ensuring the interior door styles are beautiful- yet sturdy- will ensure that your renters feel safer in their surroundings.  This is all-important if you want to ensure this is a long-term source of income

Innovative and Functional

The innovative design means nothing if it can’t offer anything to those renting.  Although making a room into a multi-purpose space that can serve as both an office and a bedroom is a great way to go about that: so is the idea of ensuring that these spaces are built to last.  Using surfaces like faux hardwood flooring will allow the room to be used heavily by many different people without any fear of scratching or denting hardwood floors.  You can make it beautiful: but it has to be long-lasting.

Creating Higher Value Ensures Better Renters and Guests

Being innovative isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way to ensure that those who rent from you are of high value. These renters are here to help you generate income, and if you find trustworthy ones, you can be set for years to come. So take the time, create the space well and put good items into it, and you can rent it out for anything.

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