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Installation and Training Services​

With all Inova orders, a detailed assembly manual is provided with each product and included in the shipment. Skilled installers are recommended. Please contact for any questions you have pertaining to the assembly of our product.

InovaBed offers the following installation options for your InovaBed product:

Option 1 Installation by InovaBed

InovaBed offers coverage throughout the US with highly-trained technicians. By hiring full installation by InovaBed, you are guaranteed:

Project Management and Support: Each InovaBed order is assigned a dedicated project manager. The project manager works closely with all parties to gather all necessary site and schedule information, and then creates a detailed plan for a successful installation. 

Product Knowledge Experts: Our installers have thorough knowledge of our products and our installation practices. Our on-site supervisors work directly with the product on a daily basis and have years of experience within our facility.

Extensive On-Site Experience: Through years of on-site installation experience, we have learned how to best prepare for an installation and how to handle the unforeseen. Once on site, we provide supervision, moving equipment, and all the necessary tools to distribute, unpack, and install the product properly and safely. 

Complete Satisfaction: Once installed, we check the product carefully to make sure it’s level, aligned, and working properly. Then we clean all surfaces. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we require a final review with our Site Supervisor and sign-off per room by a dedicated site representative(s) prior to our Install Team’s departure.

Training for Engineering and Maintenance Staff: Prior to leaving a site, we offer a full review and training of our product, in person, for the Engineering and Maintenance Staff. 


 Option 2 Training session by InovaBed

InovaBed offers an on-site training session prior to the installation. The training session is held with the installers hired to assemble your InovaBed order. It has been our experience that by being “hands on” from the start, it is the best way to learn. Our Trainer will guide a team through the assembly process, from start to finish. By the end of the training, most installers are well versed in the assembly of the product. Photos and/or video may be taken during the assembly for reference. A Training session is typically 1 day on site. With a training session by InovaBed, you are guaranteed:

  • One Point-Of-Contact at InovaBed (Project Manager) for coordinating and scheduling visit with your Team
  • A Certified InovaBed Product Expert/Trainer on Site
  • Full Day (8 hours) of training on the assembly of the InovaBed product
  • Installers with product knowledge and experience with the actual product

Depending on the size job, you may want to consider having an InovaBed Trainer on site for the distribution of the parts to the rooms prior to the installation start. The InovaBed Trainer would be on site for a full day during distribution of the parts to the rooms to easily identify the parts and ensure the parts are distributed properly and most effectively. A Distribution & Training session (see TRAINING SESSION description above) is typically 2 days on site.

Other installation services

Scribing: In most cases, InovaBed product can be scribed to the wall, ceiling, and/or in an alcove to create a “built-in” look. Scribing is not included, unless specified.

Field Measuring: InovaBed can field verify dimensions to make sure your InovaBed product will fit within your space. Field measuring is not included, unless specified.