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InovaBed for Hospitality

InovaBed has produced space-saving, transformative furniture for hotels, resorts, both large and small, as well as vacation time-shares in this country and abroad.

Many hotels use our products as the only sleeping surface in a room. Since there is no compromise to comfort with our designs, hotels are able to use the same mattresses used throughout the property. We have extensive installations at large, family-oriented resorts, which is a testament to both the durability and safety of our product line. Our furniture is also well-suited to cruise ships with compact spaces and a need to offer versatility and comfort.

We constantly customize our products to designer specifications and collaborate with designers, developers, and owners on a wide range of design styles and details that may be applied to our products. Most of our designs are totally free-standing, making them relatively trouble-free, mobile, and suitable for a wide variety of hospitality settings.

Featured InovaBed Products​

Turn any Standard Guest Room into a Suite ​

Below is an example of a standard 2 Bed Guest Room turned into a Guest Suite simply by adding InovaBeds. During the day, with the beds hidden, your guests will enjoy the added space and can use the room as a living, dining, and workspace. At night, simply pull down the fully-made beds for a comfortable night’s sleep.

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Create an All-in-One Suite​

Turn any 1Bed Guest Room into an All-in-One Suite with a bed/sofa combination, attached side cabinets, and chaise lounge. The side cabinet is optional and available in a variety of designs, including a wardrobe (shown below), shelf & desk cabinet, or a nightstand with a backer.

Create Meeting Spaces

Discreetly adding a hidden bed option is ideal for any type of gathering space.

Add a 5th Sleeper ​

The additional bed, fully made, is a welcome surprise for guests and a perfect option for properties looking to accommodate one extra!

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Have a design in mind and looking to collaborate? Send us your design specifications and we can customize a quote!

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