Inova has produced space-saving, transformative furniture for hotels, resorts, both large and small, as well as vacation time-shares in this country and abroad.

Our furniture maximizes the versatility and comfort of guest rooms and suites. The addition of an Inova Sofa-WallBed or Table Bed to a hotel room with a standard bed provides a business traveler with a “mini-suite” offering a comfortable sofa or large work surface in addition to the bed. The following night, a family of four can enjoy the same space, now transformed into a room with two beds. Our Twin FlipBeds also allow a hotel or resort to fit a compact, transforming “fifth” bed into a modest-sized room.

Many hotels use our products to provide the only sleeping surface in a room. Since there is no compromise to comfort with our designs, hotels are able to use the same mattresses used throughout the property.

We have extensive installations at large, family-oriented resorts, which is a testament to both the durability and safety of our product line. Our furniture is also well-suited to cruise ships with compact spaces and a need to offer versatility and comfort.

We constantly customize our products to designer specifications and collaborate with designers, developers, and owners on a wide range of design styles and details which may be applied our products. Most of our designs are totally free-standing, making them relatively trouble-free, mobile and suitable to a wide variety of hospitality settings.