Military, Contract, and Government

Our approach to military housing is: More than a Place to Stay, A Place to Live.

Inova’s multi-functional, space-saving products offer the perfect solution for military dorms and officer housing turning a single room into a comfortable no-compromise living and sleeping place. With our products in place, and beds up and out of the way, you’d never guess the rooms are also used for sleeping. Quarters are pleasant and comfortable for socializing and studying during the day with no compromise to the comfort and necessity of a good night’s sleep.

One of our favorite projects was a military dorm where rooms designed for one occupant had to be converted for use by two people. A configuration of cabinets and two Twin-size Inova TableBeds along one wall not only solved this challenge, but actually made the rooms feel larger than before and, at the same time, provided excellent desk surfaces for studying.

Our multi-functional, space-saving furniture is also used frequently in a range of government settings from firehouses to medical facilities for people who need to stay overnight or for longer periods of time.