Inova WallBeds offer the combined luxury of a wide, open space during the day and an uncompromisingly comfortable bed at night. Our cabinets open with an easy pull and are transformed into a bed in seconds. They are light to the touch and will hover safely if let go of midway while lowering the bed. 

Our WallBeds may be customized and adapted with endless variations including wood or laminate finishes, built-in lighting, front panel and pull designs, open or closed backs, padded headboards, and many other details.  Styles range from minimalist and contemporary to traditional with molding and panels. They can accommodate mattresses up to 12.5” thick and have a large, comfortably angled headboard with a permanent shelf above it.

Inova WallBeds attach to the wall at the top of the bed cabinet with small brackets. No attachment to the floor is needed.


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