How Murphy Beds Can Increase Your Rental Income

How Murphy Beds Can Increase Your Rental Income

Maximizing rental income is always a top priority for property owners. You may have tried updating interiors, lowering rent, and adding amenities. But have you considered incorporating Murphy beds in your rental space? 

Murphy beds are stylish and functional and can help you increase your rental income. Let’s explore how Murphy beds can increase your rental income and why you should consider adding them to your rental properties.

Space-Saving Capabilities

One of the primary benefits of Murphy beds is that they are space-saving. You can easily fold them away when they’re not in use, allowing you to utilize the same space for other daily purposes. This additional use of space could enable you to market your rental property to a broader audience. With space-saving furnishings, you could accommodate more people in the same area, which might mean a higher rental income.

Higher Rent

Rental income is highly dependent on demand. Adding Murphy beds to your rooms can effectively accommodate more guests in the same space, thus increasing demand. And with a higher demand for rental spaces, you can charge a higher rental price. This upgraded look of your rental space can offer more value to your guests, and they might not mind paying a higher rental price for the enhanced experience.

Versatile Accommodations

Murphy beds are available in sizes ranging from twin to king, providing versatile accommodation options to your guests. Besides accommodating couples or families with kids, Murphy beds are very popular among solo travelers and groups of friends, offering flexibility in sleeping arrangements. This versatility in sleeping arrangements can further attract guests to your rental space.

Minimal Maintenance

Murphy beds are low-maintenance furniture. Cleaning and maintaining them is straightforward. They only require dusting and vacuuming occasionally, making them an ideal choice for busy property owners. You could save on cleaning services and time, translating into higher rental income.

Keep Up With Competitors

Incorporating Murphy beds into your rental space is an excellent way to improve the overall quality of your unit if you’re looking to keep up with other rental properties in your area. As vacation rental space continues to get competitive, keeping up with the latest trends is essential. Murphy beds are among the latest and most sought-after pieces of furniture for short-term rentals. They can make a significant difference in the appearance and comfort of your rental space.

Incorporating Murphy beds in your rental space can offer numerous benefits. It can help you create more space, higher demand, versatile accommodation options, and reduced maintenance. As we have learned, adding Murphy beds could be a reliable way to elevate your rental space and increase your rental income. With more and more renters seeking unique and upgraded experiences in their travel accommodations, Murphy beds are an ideal way to keep up with this trend and stay ahead of the competition. Start taking advantage of Murphy beds and watch your rental income grow.

If you are looking for commercial Murphy bed manufacturers, InovaBed offers a wide range of high-quality Murphy beds for your rental properties. Whether you have a small studio apartment or a large vacation rental, InovaBed can provide customized solutions to your unique needs. 

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