Inovabed Commercial

Inovabed designs and builds commercial murphy beds that make spaces flexible, more livable, convenient, and comfortable. For more than 20 years, we have been the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of multifunctional contract furniture. Using innovative engineering, we revolutionized murphy beds into truly multi-functional and stylish pieces.

Thousands of Inovabeds are in use daily at hotels, resorts, time-shares, cruise ships, multifamily properties, student housing, and more.

Exclusive for commercial properties, Inovabed has an expanded offering of finishes and options available to best suit your needs. Contact us to learn more and discover how Inovabeds can transform your space!

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Guest Rooms, Meeting rooms, & Suites


Inovabed has produced space-saving, transformative furniture for elite hotels, resorts, both large and small, as well as vacation time-shares in this country and abroad.

Many hotels use our products as the only sleeping surface in a room. Since there is no compromise to comfort with our designs, hotels are able to use the same mattresses used throughout the property.

Our hotel Murphy bed furniture is not only versatile and comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing. We offer various finishes to seamlessly blend with your existing décor.

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Studios, Micro apartments, co-living, & corporate rentals


There is a movement within the evolution of housing towards smaller, more sensible spaces. This is desirable both for the developer and resident because the spaces are more compact and cost-effective to build as well as more affordable and efficient overall.

Inovabed’s multi-functional, space-saving products offer the perfect solution for studio and micro-apartment developments as well as affordable and sustainable housing. Our Inovabeds transform not only spaces but also preconceptions; showing people that it’s possible to live efficiently and comfortably in smaller, thoughtfully designed, and affordable spaces.

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Inpatient rooms, Sleep centers, maternity ward


Inovabeds for healthcare offer an alternative, space-saving solution for inpatient rooms, maternity wards, sleep centers, and more.

Designed to be family-friendly, convenient, and safe, Inovabeds transform with one, easy motion, removing the need for assistance. All beds have passed rigorous durability testing and are easy to clean and offer an optional antimicrobial finish. All fabric offered is bleach cleanable with an antimicrobial application.

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Student Housing

Inovabed’s multifunctional, space-saving products are perfectly suited to the task of transforming dorm rooms into much more than bedrooms for students. Rooms become dual purpose; they are study and living spaces during the day and comfortable bedrooms at night.

Inovabed’s student housing Murphy beds are the pinnacle of design and utility for student housing. They feature robust hardware that ensures their longevity, even with frequent use. By seamlessly transitioning from a desk or sofa configuration during the day to a comfortable bed at night, these beds optimize space and encourage an organized living environment. This innovative approach to off-campus Murphy furniture design is particularly beneficial for students living in smaller spaces, as it negates the need for multiple pieces of furniture, thus leaving the room clutter-free and more spacious.

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