Inova And The Environment: A Complete Guide To Inova’s Sustainability

Inova And The Environment: A Complete Guide To Inova’s Sustainability


With your suppliers vetted, now figure out how to maximize your material use and minimize waste. When you do, you are essentially repurposing, recycling, and reusing materials! At Inova, we use our fall-off materials from previously cut sheets of material (typically waste) in our beds as “utility parts,” and any remaining metal is gathered and recycled. Our engineering team uses large leftover materials during the early prototyping stages of a product design. Ensuring no opportunity is missed, we have recycling stations located throughout our building, including offices and break rooms. 


#3 Small actions, significant results

 Our 72,000 SF factory is lit exclusively with LED Lighting. Automatic lights and smart thermostats are installed around our office to conserve energy. In addition to our internal practices, we work with local vendors to repurpose shipping pallets that would otherwise be placed in the dumpster once delivery and distribution were complete. 

 #4 Packing and Shipping 

Next, examine your packaging and dial in the amount needed per product.  Look for the minor improvements first and build on them. For example, does that product require five rotations of plastic wrap? Or is four and maybe even three times sufficient? Once you have done your assessment, create an internal standard for all to follow and look for continual ways to improve and reduce the material over time. To reduce our environmental impact through our packaging and shipping at Inova, we eliminated any Styrofoam in our packing, and we practice bulk packing for larger orders. Bulk-packing allows us to pack like materials (ex. All bed panels) and stack on pallets to reduce shipping materials, costs, and emissions from transportation.


In conclusion

Example of like parts for Inova’s “bulk packing” method
Example of like parts for Inova’s “bulk packing” method

We know that everyday decisions can lead to long-term success for our future, our employees and consumers, and most importantly, our environment. As the world keeps changing, it is important to us at Inova to continue improving our practices and putting our best product forward with the environment in mind.

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