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InovaBed’s multifunctional, space-saving products are perfectly suited to the task of transforming dorm rooms into much more than bedrooms for students. Rooms become dual purpose; they are study and living spaces during the day and comfortable bedrooms at night.

Sofa-WallBeds, TableBeds, Wallbeds, and Captain’s Beds bring versatility and practicality to student housing owned and managed by colleges and universities. Private student housing developments benefit in much the same way with the added desirability and flexibility that attracts students and families making that housing choice.

InovaBed’s student housing Murphy beds are the pinnacle of design and utility for student housing. They feature robust hardware that ensures their longevity, even with frequent use. By seamlessly transitioning from a desk or sofa configuration during the day to a comfortable bed at night, these beds optimize space and encourage an organized living environment. This innovative approach to off-campus Murphy furniture design is particularly beneficial for students living in smaller spaces, as it negates the need for multiple pieces of furniture, thus leaving the room clutter-free and more spacious.

As a bonus, the modern aesthetic of these beds enhances the room’s overall ambiance, making it more inviting and conducive to relaxation and productivity. Adding college Murphy beds can significantly elevate the appeal of private student housing, attracting more occupants. Ultimately, the sophisticated functionality of InovaBed’s Murphy beds offers an unrivaled solution to the space challenges common in student housing. 

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Flexible Dorm-Style

Below is an example of a typical dorm-style room that can accommodate one or two students by easily adding or removing the easy to assemble/remove Captain’s Bed.

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Private Housing

Below is an example of a typical micro apartment for undergraduate or graduate students living off-campus in private student housing.

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InovaBeds add desirability and flexibility that attracts students and families making that housing choice. 

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