The Benefits of Installing Murphy Beds in Your Airbnb Unit

The Benefits of Installing Murphy Beds in Your Airbnb Unit

Airbnb owners know how important it is to maximize the space in their units and make the most of their rental income. Murphy beds are one innovation that has been helping maximize space and gaining popularity in recent years. But what are Murphy beds, and what advantages do they bring to your Airbnb rental? Let’s explore the benefits of installing Murphy beds in your Airbnb unit.

Space Optimization

Murphy beds are foldable beds that do not take up a lot of space or floor area. This design allows for more room in your Airbnb unit and is perfect for apartments with limited space. Installing Murphy beds in your Airbnb unit gives you the luxury of traditional beds without gobbling up valuable floor space. This space-saving feature is an essential aspect of any successful vacation rental.


Travelers come with varying interests, budgets, and preferences. Installing Murphy beds in your Airbnb unit provides various sleeping arrangements that cater to your guests’ diverse needs. Murphy beds increase space and sleeping arrangements, making your Airbnb a place that can accommodate more than just a couple or a single traveler. This versatility makes your Airbnb rental stand out and attract more bookings.

Enhanced Guest Experience

As a host, your primary goal is to provide guests with a comfortable space to relax and enjoy their vacation. Murphy beds provide an excellent way to enhance your guests’ experience by adding a touch of convenience. The comfort that Murphy beds offer is just as good as that of traditional beds, which makes it a win-win situation for your guests. They will feel satisfied and comfortable staying at your Airbnb.

Additionally, Murphy beds come in different designs and materials, so you can choose one that matches the decor of your Airbnb rental. This coordination will enhance your unit’s aesthetics, thereby improving its guests’ experiences. Who doesn’t love when their vacation rental looks extra fancy and put-together?

Easy Maintenance

Murphy beds have a simple design, so maintenance is exceptionally easy. To clean the bedframe, just use quick wipes. Furthermore, since Murphy beds are foldable, they’re less susceptible to damage. This is because guests often try to move traditional beds around, potentially leading to scrapes, dings, and breakage. Since Murphy beds can’t move from their spots on the wall, there’s less of a chance of guest-induced damage occurring, reducing the need for costly repairs. Basically, a Murphy bed is a low-maintenance investment that provides a high rate of return and saves you additional costs in the long run.

Installing Murphy beds in your Airbnb unit offers a host of benefits, including space optimization, versatility, enhanced guest experience, affordability, and easy maintenance. Installing Murphy beds in your Airbnb unit will attract more bookings and earn more income from travelers who want a comfortable and budget-friendly experience. 

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