Inova TableBeds provide a space to eat, work, play, and sleep all within the same compact footprint

Like all Inova products, our TableBeds are a combination of style, utility and thoughtful engineering. They can be customized and adapted in a variety of styles and variations including wood and laminate finishes, table shapes and sizes, front panel designs, built-in lighting, and much more. The TableBed will accommodate mattresses up to 12.5” thick and has a large, comfortably angled headboard with a permanent shelf above it. The rear may be open to the wall or finished with wood or laminate. Headboards may be either plain or upholstered. 

Patented engineering makes our TableBed a totally free-standing unit, alleviating the need to attach it to the floor or wall. The bed portion is easy and safe to pull down from the cabinet because of a mechanism which balances the bed and enables it to hover until completely lowered. The bed will never come down abruptly. Our TableBed also comes with a Soft-Close feature easing the bed into the upright position no matter how quickly it is raised. In addition to style, comfort and safety, durability is an important consideration. Inova’s TableBed has undergone rigorous reliability testing of 15,000 bed raising and lowering cycles.

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